Devon, the Culture Interpeter

written by Devon Furbush (photo taken in Cheongdo Wine Tunnel)

Hi there!! For starters, I am fascinated by the Korean language. Since early 2012 I have been learning non-stop and it has taken me on a wild journey through cross-cultural relationships, 5+ years living in South Korea and traveling to all borders of the country (2013-2018), self-immersion, and now I am here as a translator!! My experience includes guiding exchange students studying at Angelo State University, consulting ESL students, volunteering at Korean festivals and events, and so much more.

I am the owner of The Nakdong which is my location-independent translation company that I established in 2018. Want to hear something crazy? My business is actually registered in Estonia!! Estonia's world-class e-Residency infrastructure gives modern entrepreneurs like me the tools and resources to have a presence in the global market.

I have a passion for Korean history and tourism which can be seen on this website (I think I want to call it an online magazine) that is run through my translation company. For years I've had the idea of running my own online magazine/blog about Daegu. When I was living there I spent a lot of time joining activity groups sponsored by the city hall that focused on the tourism marketing sector. Then after spending a couple of years brainstorming how I could fund my own and when would be a good time to start, it finally came to fruition in summer 2018.