Dalseong Park (Mud fortress of the Dalgubeol tribe)

Hailed as the oldest park in Daegu, the history dates back to 261 AD during the Bronze Age. At that time, this was just a mud fortress inhabited by the Dalgubeol Tribe. From then it became an important strategic location for military activity.

Between the years 1390 and 1596 the mud walls were fortified with stone and it was the home of the governor’s office of the Gyeongsang Province. This fortress, called Dalseong Mud Fortress, is presumed to be one of the earliest developments of fortification in Korean history.

In 1905 the earth fortress was transformed into the park you see today. The zoo is home to dozens of exotic animals from all over the world. There are other monuments and statues dedicated to figures who have contributed to the vast history and culture of Daegu.

The Gwanpungnu Pavilion was the place where the governor would stand to watch over the townspeople. In 1970 the original structure was taken down after decades of weather corrosion and the current one has been standing since 1973.

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