Momyeongjae Shrine: Ming Dynasty to Daegu

Daegu Hyanggyo Confucian Academy

Choi Jae-woo death tree

Bullo-dong Ancient Tombs Park

Daegu Yangyeong-si (Korean oriental medicine market)

Daegu Top 20 For 2020

(Do It In Gyeongsan #1) Yeungnam University Folk Village

The life and times of Seo Sang-don

What started the National Debt Repayment Movement?

Outdoor museum at Kyungpook National University


The grave of the Japanese farmer that overlooks Suseong Lake

Emperor Sun Jong's sad, short-lived reign

Gigantic Buddha statue towering over Donghwasa Temple

Dalseong Park (Mud fortress of the Dalgubeol tribe)

General Shin Sung-gyeom's ultimate sacrifice

General of the red robe that descended from heaven

How did Gyeongsang Province get its name?

(Do It In Yeongju #1)Sosu Seowon: The first Confucian academy in Korea

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