6 Child-Friendly Attractions in Daegu

published by Devon Furbush

With Daegu being home to a vast variety of family-friendly experiences, there are plenty of museums, parks, and sightseeing for children of all ages to get a kick out of, ranging from a safety museum at Palgong Mountain to the Daegu Art Factory situated near the historical Bukseong-ro Tool Alley.

Let’s take a look at a few of the attractions for a family-friendly outing in the colorful city of Daegu.


Cable cars at Palgong Mountain and Apsan Mountain

Daegu’s two representative mountains both have cable cars for everyone to ride. While trekking up these steep mountains with young children can be difficult, opting to ride over nature and getting a view of the city is a great way to keep them from roaming off too far. Not to mention beating the heat during the blazing summer. Palgong Mountain’s destination has a café restaurant to rest at while the young ones explore the nearby attractions. Apsan Mountain’s cable car, on the other hand, the shorter ride of the two, takes you to the summit where the observatory deck is located.

Daegu Safety Theme Park

Another attraction for kids near Palgong Mountain is the safety theme park. Even if you don’t take a tour inside, the fire truck playground outside of the entrance will keep the children busy enough. Inside there are educational exhibitions, a section dedicated to the victims of the 2003 subway fire, evacuation simulations, and more safety-related experiences. Though the name ‘theme park’ is a stretch, this educational museum will better prepare children for real-life disasters. If you work in the educational field, I recommend bringing students here for a field trip.

Daegu Arboretum

When I was teaching English, I brought my students here on two occasions. There is no question why children will not have a blast coming here. This massive 100,000 square meter formation is home to 200,000 trees and more than 1,000,000 flowers. In addition to outdoor attractions, there are indoor greenhouses and a forest museum. Children should learn from a young age about conserving our environment and this is the best place in Daegu to teach them. Do you want to know a secret? I did volunteer trash pick-up here!!

Daegu Art Factory

This art museum showcases various exhibitions a year, but the selling point is the huge moon painting on the 2nd floor. A fun fact about this place is the building used to be the office space of an annexed tobacco-manufacturing warehouse that was built in the early 1900s during the Japanese colonization. In addition to indoor exhibitions, Daegu Art Factory also hosts various outdoor events and performances at the nearby Sunchang Park.

Gosangol Dinosaur Park

The last place on my list, located in Nam-gu near Apsan Mountain is this unique dinosaur-theme park. I’ve always been a dinosaur-lover for as long as I remember, so don’t think this park is only for children HAHAHA. Now that Spring is rolling in and COVID-19 cases in Daegu are starting to decrease, it’s the perfect time of year to go see our raging reptiles. If you really want an adventure, take a hike from here to the cable car!

Seongdang Lake
Beomeocheon Stream

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