Beomeocheon Stream

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Beomeocheon is a small stream that runs between Children’s Hall station and Suseong Lake station on Line 3. Though it may just look like a normal running river, it plays a vital role in Daegu’s ecosystem and has a history dating back to the 1950s.

From 1950 to 1970, this was a natural river. Being in the vicinity of Doosan Intersection at that time, Beomeocheon, along with Suseong Lake, was vital when it came to agricultural water sources. It was also home to plant life and different species such as catfish, eel, and mugwort.
As a result of rapid urbanization after the 1980s, large residential complexes were formed in the surrounding neighborhoods. The floodplain districts caused this river to form a dry waterbed and become exceptionally narrow. Due to the destruction of the ecological environment and complaints from nearby residents, it quickly became the source of local problems.

However, in 2009, twenty years after the 1989 river closure project turned Beomeocheon into a dry waterless stream, it was transformed into an environment that people and nature can share thanks to the ecological river restoration project. In connection with Suseong Lake, it has become a new model of the ecological belt that represents Daegu by improving the water environment and preserving over 33,000 tons of water a day.

Location (Line 3): Children's Hall Station --> Hwanggeum Station --> Suseong Lake Station

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