Bongmu Park and Butterfly Sanctuary

published by Devon Furbush

One of the lesser-known parks in Daegu is Bongmu Park. While it doesn’t have a unique history like Dalseong Park, the vastness of Duryu Park, nor the image of Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park, it has a nice walking trail, a mountain to hike, a lake where you can rent watersports equipment, and a butterfly sanctuary. The latter being the most particular concept of this park. You’re probably wondering why there’s a butterfly sanctuary, right? I was thinking the same thing when I first came here, but then I discovered some interesting details. 

When most of us were young and exploring the woods, finding ugly insects and spiders was always exciting. But when the sun is beaming down on the back of your neck, then the experience can be less-than-stellar. This is where the butterfly sanctuary comes in. There are dozens of butterflies and insect species to learn about without the burden of having to endure the summer heat. We all know the ugliest and loudest bugs come out in the summer. Why not learn about them here? 

Bugs, birds, microbes, etc. were inhabiting this earth long before any human was. Our planet survived millions and billions of years without humans and it would continue that way long after the last one dies off. Therefore, studying the roles that insects have in our biosphere and ecology is essential.  

I’m aware that Koreans like to chow down on steamed silkworm chrysalis, but never have I seen silkworm moth flour or cookies and oatmeal bars made from Japanese rice grasshoppers. What kind of insects do you want to eat?

After visiting this sanctuary you can go rent some water equipment, enjoy leisure time on the lakeside, go camping, or hike one of the many trails.

Address: 66 Palgong-ro 50-gil, Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu

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