Bullo-dong Ancient Tombs Park

published by Devon Furbush

The Bullo-dong Ancient Tombs Park boasts as the first tomb park in South Korea and is registered as Historic Site #262. Even though it's quite easy to miss from the main road, once you see this complex for yourself, you'll realize how big it is. From the main parking lot, it doesn't seem like a lot of tombs, but more than two-hundred have been unearthed that date back as early as the 5th century. Each one is numbered with a stone block.

The first pits were excavated in 1938 in a nearby area called Ipseok-dong. Three decades later in 1968, a team from the Kyungpook National University Museum went out to unearth more surrounding tombs. Fast forward to 2001, the Gyeongbuk Institute of Cultural Properties then set out to discover others and were able to get accurate details of their findings. Some reached 6 meters high and had a 22-meter diameter. The stone coffins were made by broken stones and river stones. Similar to Egyptian mummy mausoleums, these were also found to be decorated with pottery, jewelry, weapons, and even food.

To retain and preserve ancient civilizations, these monuments have since been restored and put on display like so. While it may be quite tempting to get a cool picture on top of one of these, I recommend sticking to the main path so no one gets in trouble. Also, you never know if one of these could be one step away from crumbling right under your feet. As you can see the area has been well-preserved, and while there are hundreds of discovered tombs, there is no doubt about more that remain undiscovered.  

Address: 335 Bullo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu

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