(Do it in Cheongdo #1) Cheongdo Persimmon Wine Tunnel

published by Devon Furbush

Despite Cheongdo being less than an hour’s train ride from Daegu, I’ve been here one time. Back when I lived in Daegu I heard about the famous wine tunnel, the raging bullfights, and tasty persimmons in the small city, but for some reason, I never made any effort to take a trip. A couple of years ago, my friend and I decided to take a trip to finally see what this famous wine was all about.  

In case you didn’t know, this is Namseonghyeon Station hahaha.

From the moment we exited the teeny tiny train station we knew exactly what we were in for. Cheongdo prides itself for having the best persimmons in the region and it is seen here at this quirky little taxi station.

On the way to the wine tunnel, there is a wall art alley displaying what life looked like in the good ole’ days.

And then things start to get a little interesting. About halfway through the alley, the artwork just burst into a plethora of cartoon persimmons and bulls and pop culture icons getting their hands sticky on the juicy fruits. 

When arriving at the entrance of the wine tunnel, I saw this sign that pointed to other attractions nearby. Funny thing is I ran into a tour guide from Daegu whose hometown is Cheongdo. She advised that we just skip the wine tunnel and head to the opposite end where an ancient temple is located. My friend and I had been in South Korea for so long, we’d already seen enough temples so of course, we opted for the wine tunnel; that’s what we went here for!! 

Finally, we made it!! Originally, this was the Gyeongbu Railway Line that operated from 1905 until 1937 when the Namseonghyeon Tunnel opened. The railway sits on a mountainside slope which would’ve made it difficult for locomotives to run smoothly. Decades later it was used to ship various war supplies during the Korean War and was a national highway until the 1960s.

In March 2006, it officially opened as Cheongdo Wine Tunnel. The temperature inside is the perfect range for persimmon wine to ripen. Inside are souvenirs, a wine-tasting experience, and exhibitions that make for a legit tourist attraction. Plus, you’ll be cooled down after the long walk that leads to here.

I assume this tunnel isn’t open year-round because I can’t imagine being here in the dead middle of winter. It’ll be like an icebox. After your roundabout, I recommend buying some goodies from the local vendors.

Address: 252-2 Songgeum-ri, Hwayang-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Dalseong Korea-Japan Friendship Center
Nakdong River Victory Memorial Hall

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