Coronavirus Chronicles

published by Devon Furbush

Right now, Daegu is being hit hard by the Coronavirus. Stores are closing, thousands of people aren’t able to go to school, public activities and festivals have been either canceled or postponed. However, despite everything, there are still those who continue to work and go along with their daily lives. This post is to highlight the positive side of these grim times. 

Two construction workers gazing at their current project from across the street in Dongdaegu.

A forklift driver and his partner are moving steel bars in Dondaegu.

A box collector waits to cross the street in front of Shinsaegae department store.

Taxi drivers patiently waiting for exiting bus passengers who need a ride from the terminal in Dongdaegu.

A delivery man waiting for something in Dongdaegu.

A truck driver tying down his load for a safe delivery in Dongdaegu.

Another delivery man waiting to cross the road in Dongdaegu.

A worker sweeping the basement of the Lotte department store at Daegu Station.

Customers ordering coffee in the basement of Lotte department store.

A small traditional market near Daegu Station was actually quite busy. Some of the bigger markets are temporarily closed.

A worker cleaning the benches at Daegu Station.

Two workers sweeping and cleaning the drains of the little stream that flows in Dongseong-ro.

A store owner near Gyodong Market spraying down dirt on the roads.

This mailman arrived at his destination to deliver a package, but the store was closed. Taken in Dongseong-ro.

Normally this is the busiest bus stop downtown (Dongnseong-ro).

Another box collector carrying his load near Yangyeongsi.

A construction worker and a department store employee at Banwoldang Station setting up something.

A shoe cleaner peeking out of his work station near Kwak Hospital.

Very few people are riding the bus. Taken near Ayang Station.

A tree cutter near Ayang Station.

A man looking over the Geumho River from Yeongnam gate.

A man cleaning a blocked drain near Yeongnam gate.

A lonely expat enjoying his soju and samgyeopsal downtown. Or maybe he isn’t alone.

Old Daegu Gyonam YMCA Center
Byeong-am Confucian Academy

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