Daegu Art Museum

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As far as I know, Daegu Art Museum is the only attraction in the city that has a free shuttle for visitors. I forgot to take a picture of the schedule, but it comes around every 20-30 minutes running to and from the Samsung Lions Stadium at Grand Park subway station. I think this service is the best way to keep people coming all-year-round, and even if you can’t understand Korean there is always someone working on the bus to help out. If you happen to miss it, you can just ride the Suseong-3 bus. It’s a free transfer if you ride it within 30 minutes of getting off of the subway when using a transit card.

Just like any other art museum, there are dozens of exhibitions put on by artists from all around the world. On my visit, I got the chance to see hundreds of well-preserved art pieces that were leftover from the Joseon Dynasty. That was the longest dynasty on the Korean peninsula and one of the longest-lasting dynasties in the world (1392-1910); an era that defined Korean culture, cultivated customs, and brought out some of the best craftsmanship that the country has seen. To keep these works of arts protected, photographs were strictly prohibited inside of that particular exhibition. 

Kim Whanki

An avant-garde painter who is valued for globalizing the contemporary art of Korea. His work is categorized into three subjects: Tokyo-Seoul Period (1933-1956), Paris-Seoul Period (1956-1963), and New York Period (1963-1974). During each period, he delved into experimental abstract works that were distinctive from each other.

Park Chungki

The Y+ Artist Project is organized by the Daegu Art Museum and selects artists in their 30s and 40s who have a rather unique position in the artistic universe. In the case of Park Chungki, he expresses an analytical viewpoint and playfulness on social disorganization.

Daegu Art Museum introduces artistic insight and historical value while exhibiting art concepts that tackle social and artistic subjects. Visitors of all ages can also participate in various cultural programs and take lectures.

Address: 40 Misulgwan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

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