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We have here another one-of-a-kind museum in Daegu. Visitors can see a timeline of fashion history (domestic and foreign), learn the impact that the textile and fashion industries have had on modern society, and get a glimpse of future textile developments. Not everyone can wear the latest fashion, but it is hard to deny the visual symbol of value that textiles have reflected in our cultures and societies. After the Korean War, there was a brisk influence as western clothing became more accessible. Traditional clothing like the hanbok still had its role in society, but being exposed to different looks and trends from the west gave Koreans a more sense of personality and flexibility. This was especially evident in women’s fashion.
Fun fact: Daegu is the textile capital of South Korea, with having played a major role in the economic growth of the country.

Heading upstairs you’ll see the transition from conventional textiles to modern industries. Most of which started with the development of sewing machines (hand-powered and automatic) that developed in the 1800s and 1900s. The production of natural fibers like silk, linen, and cotton was developed and advanced through machines like the drawing frame.

On the 4th floor, the first piece of fashion you’ll see is a 3D print dress. I’m not sure if it’s on the market or if it’s just a prototype. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty cool. Future developments in textiles will enhance three major areas: outdoor activities, combat, and disaster protection/prevention.

The Daegu Textile Museum is located in Dong-gu on the way to Palgong Mountain. There are many other attractions around such as Bongmu Park, Bullo-dong Ancient Tombs Park, and some caves dug during the Japanese colonization. If you’re into fashion history, curious about the future of fashion, or just plain enjoy museums in general, then I recommend checking this place out.

Address: 227, Palgong-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu

Nakdong River Victory Memorial Hall
Wolgwang Lakeside Park

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