Gosangol Dinosaur Park

published by Devon Furbush

Located in Nam-gu (southern district) is a kids’ park dedicated to the raging reptiles that once roamed our Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. The bright-colored plaza is enjoyable for everyone and there are some actual footprints on the river bed. I wasn’t able to find them though as they’ve most likely weathered away from water erosion. Kids can learn about the different species, pretend to excavate fossils, and take some cool pictures at the photo zones.  

From the entrance, you can see the huge robot reptiles!! Yes, they’re robots; they move and roar like the real deal… well not exactly the real deal but you get it, right? Haha.

My favorite place is the life-sized fossil across the river. At first glance, I was shocked because I thought it was real, but it’s made from wood and plants. Kudos to whoever created this.

Of course, no dinosaur park is complete without 3D trick-eye art and photo zones.

Towards the back of the park is a sandbox for children to live out their archaeologist dreams. I wonder how big that bad boy under the sand is.

Gosangol Dinosaur Park has seen a nice upgrade since the last time I visited. It’s one of the highly-recommend attractions in the southern district of the city. Why don’t you come out and enjoy it as well?

Address: 43, Yongdu 2-gil, Nam-gu

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