What do Helen Keller and Marilyn Monroe have in common?

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Two totally different lives. One was an activist for women’s rights and the disabled while the other a global sex symbol and pop icon. However, these two women share one thing in common as they both visited Daegu!

Helen Keller lost her sight and hearing at the tender age of only 19 months but fought through the adversities and grew up to work as a lecturer, author, and women’s rights activist. On July 12, 1937, she visited the then colonized Korea to provide the answer to the social interest in people with physical disabilities and inspire everyone to take the lead in expanding facilities for them. She gave a historical lecture at Daegu public hall sharing her smile and greeting the citizens. Her speech started with “I’m delighted to come to Daegu where the beautiful mountains and fragrant woods are scattered all over.”  

Marilyn Monroe made her way to South Korea in February of 1954 to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of US military troops after the Korean War cease-fire of July 1953. The young actress who became an instant icon after starring in 'Niagara' was well-known for her beautiful blonde hair and unique charm. Moreover, as her autobiographer reveals, she visited alone during her honeymoon in Japan with American baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Her visit brought her to Daegu Dongchon Airfield, which was used by the US Air Force, and she issued a commemorative photo with Palgong Mountain in the background before heading to the 1st US Army Corps in Pohang.

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