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published by Devon Furbush
This is the official first post on the 'Do it in Daegu' website!! Stay tuned for content about everything related to the 3rd largest city in South Korea. I will be covering festivals, tourism, food, lifestyle, and more to let expats know more about the city. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the Dalgubeol Grand Bell.

One of Daegu’s symbols of freedom and contribution is the National Debt Repayment Movement Memorial Park. It is here where this bell stands to represent harmony and prosperity as it was built to awaken the people with its pure and clear ringing. This movement was formed to repay the debts of the nation during the financial crisis in 1907.

Dalgubeol comes from the name of the tribal state that was developed in the Bronze Age. The name Daegu was then adopted in the year 737.

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