Old Ayang Railroad Track

published by Devon Furbush
Dongdaegu is home to Ayang railroad track. What first served as the single track that connected Dongchon-dong and Sinam-dong over the Geumho River is now a cultural and historical landmark in the city.
From 1917 to 2008, when the old Daegu line tracks were in operation, this was the section connecting Dongdaegu (East Daegu) Station to Yeongcheon Station. In February 2008, when the Daegu line was relocated, the old bridge was in danger of being demolished. Instead of tearing it down, the city decided to turn it into a place where citizens can get fresh air, take a rest, and learn some history. So in 2013, the tracks were moved to the current location, not far from the original location of Ayang Bridge.
I have been here once or twice in the past but I didn’t know much about history, so this time I decided to do just that. With this being a residual area with a lot of homes, the bridge makes crossing the Geumho River much easier than having to go all the way to the overpass near Ayang subway station.
Inside there is a small art museum and a café with a great view of the river. Also if you look down, the actual iron tracks and the wooden blocks that once served the old Daegu line are still visible. Though it has been relocated, the bridge still cherishes its old shape and form which makes it a great tourist spot.

Address: 853-3, Jijeo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu

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