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If you love South Korea tourism and coffee, then you're in for a treat.  Last year there were four particular cities chosen in the ‘Top 10 Travel Themes’ by the Korea Tourism Organization. Daegu, Mungyeong, Yeongju, and Andong were those picked to represent the Northern Gyeongsang Province’s 'SUNBEE Story Travel Theme'. In order to better promote tourism in the province, the SUNBEE Tour Card was introduced.

What is a sunbee?

Normally romanized as 'seonbi', they were respected scholars who lived to improve the body and mind. Every interaction they made, these men put forth their best efforts to be civil and socially accepted; not only for themselves but for their students and children as well. It was a lifelong duty to pass down these responsibilities from generation to generation in order to improve oneself.

Spiritual, Unique, Natural, Beautiful, Exciting and Enjoyable

What you can do with your SUNBEE Tour Card.

* Use it as a transit card to ride the bus or subway. You can charge it at any emart24, GS25, or CU convenient store.

* Use it as a debit card: If you want to do this, you’ll first have to download the KONA Card app on your smartphone. Then after registering your Korean bank account to your SUNBEE Tour Card, you can easily transfer money to it. (I believe this is only available for those with a Korean ID card and phone number). The app is only available in Korean, so get a help from a Korean friend if you need to.

* When you pay with your SUNBEE debit card, you’ll get discounts at Starbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, GS25, Lotte Cinema, Caribbean Bay, Burger, emart24, SpeedMate, YP Books, H&M, Saint AUGUSTIN Asian Cuisine, Nae Nae Chicken, Bonjok, Tom N Toms Coffee, Nature Republic, and LeeKaja Hair Salon.

BUT THE DEALS DON’T STOP HERE!!! Each of the four cities has its own affiliates that offer more discounts at certain tourist attractions, cafes, accommodations, and restaurants as well.

The SUNBEE Tour Card website (site is only in Korean) has all of the information you need to get the full advantage of this card. To anyone who lives/plans on living in the Northern Gyeongsang Province, this is a must-have. Especially if you enjoy traveling and eating. It is available to order online, or you can drop-by tourist information centers in Daegu, Andong, Mungyeong, or Yeongju.

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