Wolgwang Lakeside Park

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I’ve spent a big chunk of this year sorting through hundreds of photos, translating Korean-only brochures, and researching accurate dates. All of this research can get quite tiring and tedious. Some of the articles I’ve written, on average, took about 4 hours to complete. As much I enjoy writing about war generals and ancient forests, sometimes I want to just do a little less. Nothing too complicated with a lot of dates and butchered romanizations. 

Which brings me to Wolgwang Lakeside Park, a small area located in Dalseo-gu. Normally, if you mention lake in Daegu, people are quick to bring up Suseong Lake. However, this one can be just as enjoyable and there is less traffic. The bus ride isn’t too bad either, but since there’s no subway station nearby it isn’t frequented by big waves of visitors. 

At the entrance, you’ll see the two turtle rocks: grandma rock and grandpa rock. The story behind these is a long time ago when rainwater filled Dowon Lake, these rocks were peeking through the water like turtles. 

I’ll admit that South Korea has a huge problem when it comes to people littering and how daily waste is handled. However, looking at Wolgwang Lakeside Park I can tell that it is being well taken care of. I didn’t see one piece of trash anywhere on the ground.


There's even a little busking area.

It seems like there has been a lot of renovating since the last time I visited. This looks like the set of a Korean drama or movie.

There’s even a telephone booth-style library. I wouldn’t recommend reading books here during the summer though.

Here is another busking stage.  

The selling point is the walking trail that extends over Dowon Lake.

This bridge leads to another trail that enters the woods on the other side.

Wolgwang Lakeside Park is the perfect place to get away from traffic congestion and the hustle and bustle of the city. Even though it is quite far from downtown, it’s worth the ride.

Address: 5, Wolgok-ro, Dalseo-gu

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