Gyeongbuk is located in the eastern region of the Korean peninsula. A total of 10 cities and 13 counties make up this area that covers 7,350 square miles (19,030 sq km). This portion also makes up one half of the entire Gyeongsang Province. Daegu used to be the capital of the province but was removed and developed into a metropolis in 1981. Currently, the provincial office is located in a beautiful building in Andong. From 57 BC to 935 AD, Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla kingdom which covered over two-thirds of the peninsula. Today, visitors can still see ancient structures and cultural properties from that period.

The list of cities and counties are below:
Andong, Bonghwa County, Cheongdo County, Cheongsong County, Chilgok County, Gimcheon, Goryeong County, Gumi, Gunwi County, Gyeongju, Gyeongsan, Mungyeong, Pohang, Sangju, Seongju County, Uljin County, Uiseong County, Ulleung County, Yaecheon County, Yeongcheon, Yeongdeok County, Yeongju, Yeongyang County.